Let’s go to a place where we’ve never been
We might witness things we want to but  have never seen
A place where everything’s going to be just fine
The one where we won’t fight for things calling them your or mine

Where the sun shines just a little brighter
Where within every person lies a little fighter
Where faith and hope never get down
Where everyone is royal and wearing their own crown

Where there aren’t people calling each other friend and foe
Where on everyone’s face there is a beautiful glow
Yes, the one where everyone is together and happy
Where there is no place for people that are crappy

Where when it rains it’s just a little more exciting
Where only for fun people are mock fighting
Where the surroundings are a little more clean
And where to help each other everyone is keen

Where happiness reflects from people’s eyes
Where no one other than an infant cries
Where a smile is all you need to make someone’s day
Where to express Love and care nothing one has to say

Where everyone is clean inside out
Where to click a photo you mustn’t pout
Where smile doesn’t need a reason to appear
Where compassion is on the priority dear

Where trusting somebody easily is not stupid or wrong
Where without any fear you could hum a song
The place where everything just becomes right
Where darkness doesn’t consume you even in the darkest night

Where no one makes a joke out of us
Where all’s good and there’s no fuss
Where hurting feelings is not on anyone’s list
Where things are always clear and there’s no mist

Isn’t it actually the place we all wish to live in
But all we do is seeing others commit a sin
Why aren’t we trying to build such a place
Where of this hellish area we find no trace…


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