Hey guys! This is my first ever blog and I thought I shall dedicate it to friendship.  Friendship cannot be defined. It’s a journey necessary for every person to survive in this lonely world. There might be times when we might get distant but memories always keep us together. Never take your friends for granted. They are the most beautiful people among our abnormally absurd race. They might fight you, irritate you, trouble you but in the end they are the ones that make you laugh and isn’t that what finally matters. We’re all looking for happiness and it’s with them that we have our happiest moments. Take out some time to remember your friends everyday even if they are afar, they are just a call away! Let them know they are important to you, tell them know they are special to you, how much they mean to you. It will bring a smile on their face, and we all want to see our amazing friends smile now, don’t we? And yeah, as Barney says ”Whatever you do in life, it is not legendary until your friends see it.”

So here is a poem I wrote dedicated to not only my lovely friends but to all the beautiful friendships in this world.


And maybe that’s why we have formed such a bond

Can’t even imagine the moment when our friendship will be dawned

Secretly singing songs in school

And then on WhatsApp over our favourite stars we’d drool

Can’t think of a single moment when our friendship began

Maybe while holding the secret diary all around the school we ran

Or the moment our interests clicked

Maybe it happened as time went by and the clock ticked

Calling each other to inform about the latest news

The thing we love the most about each other we couldn’t choose

Loitering around in the name of our assigned duty

It was compatibility that was our friendship’s beauty

And then, when we suggested a new song

To thank each other it didn’t take long

Mocking people who were mean to us

We hated those equally who for either of us created a fuss

Hoping people would swear by our friendship some day

Not wanting to be less legendary than the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”  in any way

Our quirkiness could never die

Can’t believe we are at this turn when we started with a plain simple hi

Friends are the most inspiring

A joke from them can light up our day no matter however tiring

Well isn’t that the beauty of friendship

We just couldn’t let each other knowingly trip

And even though we might choose different roads one day

Even if someday to each other we have nothing to say

This bond my dear can never break

All from this friendship good memories we’ll take

If infinity exists just as forever and always

I wish our friendship is also not confined within numbered days

Irrespective of how much I irritate you

Never forget how much I love you too.



Thank you everyone who took out their precious time to read this. Hope you guys liked it. Please do tell me whether you like it or not. And don’t forget to thank God for your lovely friends! 😀 😀